FREE Bamburgh 3 Hole Lever Tap



Bamburgh is our collection of elegantly classic, chrome and enamel taps. This three-hole design is the one we use with our undermounted bathroom sinks – they’re a bit too short to use with a bowl sink. Its mixer spout means you can have hot, cold or warm water. It also comes with an optional pop-up plug.

Made To Last: Even though our taps are designed to be hardwearing, they can become affected by limescale. We know that many of you have hard water at home, so we’ve designed them so that the important elements (like the ceramic cartridges and the aerator) can be removed and cleaned or replaced.

The Materials: All of our taps are made from brass, a metal alloy that’s a mix of copper (which makes them easier to make in a mould) and corrosion-resistant zinc.

The Finish: Bamburgh high-shine, cool-toned chrome finish that feels completely timeless. The chrome coating isn’t just for aesthetics though – it makes Bamburgh easier to clean too.

Fitting: This will need to be fitted by a competant plumber

Width (W): 35 cm Depth (D): 18cm Height (H): 8.1 cm

Weight: 3 kg